Holy Hell….

I am driven by passion.  I speak out about things that matter to me and things that bubble up to where I cannot contain them or I am going to explode.  A conversation that I have to walk away from sometimes is parenting, a subject in which I am no expert other than being a parent, an arena I hold no degrees in and by far know I am not perfect in.  But here is my trigger…permissive parenting.

I have two girls, in case you are just reading me for the first time, they are good girls very different and pretty incredible in my opinion.  I am their mother after all.  I will lift them up to be strong and know who they are as people, as women, as humans.  I will teach them that “a person is a person no matter how small” ideal, in every aspect.  You judge people by the way they treat other people.  Simple right.  I think so.  It’s important to not make others who are different than you feel like they are less than because of it.  So I am what others would call a generally open person.

I believe that kids need to be taught about and be held accountable for their actions, good and bad.  I believe that children don’t have the capability to make every choice they are given to make.  They simply don’t have the tools yet.  They don’t have impulse control yet.   They will choose the thing that they want right now, that feels good and their friends are doing first without thinking about the consequences that will inevitably come tomorrow.  It’s part of being a kid, that’s why they have parents.

I am who I am.



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