Can’t stop this feeling…

This song actually causes me joy.  Dancing with the broom kinda joy.

Which is more than I can say for how I feel most of the time these days.  I feel like I’m walking around with a dark, thunderous cloud over my head.  I want to revert to my happy go lucky, everything will be OK self but I can’t.  Not anymore.

I have not posted since Dec 2016.  I have written so many articles but couldn’t hit that publish button.  I am overwhelmed by negativity.  The 2016 election really made me question everything.  So I’m putting the proverbial pen to paper again.  Today.

Today is the day life as we knew it changed forever.  The words nine-eleven immediately ignites a grimace.  Today I weep for and honor each and every person who died in the Twin Towers and because of the Twin Towers.  I honor every first responder who threw themselves into hell.  For every person who serves and fights for the freedom we enjoy and is being censored and condemned.

Stop telling me it’s going to be OK.

What exactly will be OK?   The political environment we sit in.  The fact that I feel like I’m holding up my arms, looking around and wondering if anyone else is seeing what I’m seeing.  The fact that I feel like everyone has forgotten that we put a misogynistic pig in the White House.  The fact that he has opened doors to other racist, fascist, homophobic pigs to air out their ugliness on humanity.  To continue their belligerent assault on women, minorities, other countries, the poor, the elderly and basically anyone who isn’t white and rich and disagrees with the president.  Yes, lowercase.  The fact that a judge had the gall to let Brock Turner, a violent rapist male, off with a slap on the hands because why ruin his whole life it was a stupid mistake of youth.  Tell that to his victim or Harvey Weinstein’s first victim.  Let see what they have to say about mistakes of youth not getting their proper dues.

I have to look at my little girls and tell them they cannot trust people.  That they are not safe in this world.  That We The People chose a human being as the leader of the free world, even after he was caught saying he groped women, even when they didn’t want him to because he just couldn’t help himself.  We made that ok.  Not a day goes by where his heinous crimes of terror against us are not thrown in our faces.  And here I stand wondering if anyone else can see what I am seeing,


I am grabbing my broom and turning the music up.

I am who I am.



2 thoughts on “Can’t stop this feeling…

  1. So many of us can see it. I feel stuck and frustrated that this can’t be just FIXED, but I’d like to be hopeful that the tide might be turning as we head toward November. Keep dancing, and don’t give up hope.

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