Help Wanted. Electoral Voters to Make a Decision on Dec.19

HELP WANTED:  At least 38 Electoral Voters needed to vote against their states popular vote.  If you believe that our Country is at risk of catapulting itself backwards 60+ years due to extreme ignorance, bigotry, racism, sexism, narcissistic persoanlity disorder, sexually predatory behavior and more…Please vote for Hillary on Dec 19.

Or something like this.  Are ads being put up?  Are parties being help to send letters, sign petitions, peacefully demonstrate, is social media condemning the flip-flopping that is already happening and the proposed cabinet choices.  Are we investigating the Putin claim that they were in touch with the RNC Campaign despite the nominees claims that isn’t the case?  Hmmmm.  Not enough…Are the Electoral Voters looking at the comments and replies and re-posts about how our everyday world is already changing 7 days into this potential presidency.

As if the proposed presidential candidate wasn’t embarrassing enough let’s check out the potential VP.  Have they seen Mike Pence’s record in his own state?  While he has put lots of effort into education it seems to be another platform for his cabinet to have a monopoly of power in the public education sector.  He believes that smoking does not cause cancer.  He has stated that Indiana is a pro-coal state and has worked to repeal renewable energy efforts.  Signed a law blocking local government from offering higher wages and better benefits than that which was required by law.  He is opposed to gay rights and the LGBT communities. Oh and there’s the religious Restoration Act.   Read for yourself.  There is lots more than Wikipedia to inform you.  Educate yourself.

The threat is real and imminent.  The threat is to NATO, Climate Initiatives, the 2nd amendment, our freedom to protest and speak without censorship, our safety as citizens who are women, black, latino, biracial, Gay, trans, have an opinion and morals.  There is so much that we value that is being threatened.

The need is a minimum of 38 Electoral Voters.  These voters need to become faithless electors and go against their party affiliation in their state.  What are you doing to make sure that they know that?  Here is a little bit of info to help…These are states that can make a difference and the electoral voters are not bound in anyway to vote the way the state voted.

Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) voted 48%DT  47% Hillary

Arizona (11 electoral votes) voted 49% DT   47% Hillary

Im going to keep saying we need a minimum of 38.

South Dakota
North Dakota
West Virginia

This Election has made history.  In ways that we weren’t expecting.  Hanging your hat on the idea that 40 voters will open their hearts to see that DT is a change from the norm, which we need, but not in the right direction, is idealistic at best but definitely possible.  When the change that he is planing will set our country back to the early 20th Century, when it will create a sense of disconnect and fear for more than half of the population, when it is giving the voice to the closet racists and misogynists.  So AFFECT CHANGE with action.

If you have the terrible job of being an electoral voter and you can see the rhetoric is scary and you are in a state that is red and know what the right thing to do is do it!  You are anonymous.  No one will target you.  Vote for Hillary and Tim Kaine.  Help our Country stay a world leader.  The alternative that is unfolding now and it is a catastrophic disaster.  Don’t take my word for it read, read, read.  From all sources and all points of views.  I have and the conclusion is sobering and scarier than anything Hollywood can come up with.   You are the system of checks and balances when we make a mistake of this magnitude.  When our very “inalienable rights” are being threatened by someone who represents fear, divisiveness, chaos.  You must set it right…YOU MUST VOTE AGAINST THAT.  PLEASE.

Holding hope.  I Am Who I Am.

Below are some links to articles…Educate yourself in every possible way.

Save Your Safety Pins, White Friends. You Could Have Voted Safety.


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